Other Stewardship Projects

Each GLSI hub supports a variety of collaborative, place-based stewardship projects that address local issues or needs. This quarter, we feature the work of students in Kent County, Michigan, who worked with their GLSI hub, Groundswell, and other community partners to do important stewardship work on nonpoint source pollution. Their work was supported primarily by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, with additional support from Grand Valley State University College of Education and the GLSI.

2015-2016 Groundswell School Stewardship Videos

Sparta Area Schools 2016

Pinewood Middle School 2016

Northern Trails 2016

North Park Montessori 2016

Kent Innovation High 2016

Grand Rapids Public Museum School 2016

Grand Rapids Montessori 2016

East Rockford Middle School 2016

Dutton Elementary School 2016

City High Middle School 2016

Central Woodlands 2016

Central Middle School 2016

C A Frost Environmental Science Academy 2016

All Saints Academy 2016

Meadow Brook Elementary 2016

Lee Middle School 2016

Crestwood Middle School 2016

Eastern High School 2016

TRIO UB Union High School 2016

Pinewood Elementary Jenison 2016

New Branches Charter Academy 2016

Eastern Middle School 2016