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The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative will is focusing attention and support on its nine existing hubs, emphasizing high-quality execution of the GLSI’s model and strategies (place-based stewardship education, sustained professional development for teachers, and school-community partnerships).

No grants to establish new hubs will be awarded by the Great Lakes Fishery Trust.

In the near term, additional hubs will be established only if each of the following three conditions exists in a region: the applicant has secured adequate/full funding for the hub from sources other than the Great Lakes Fishery Trust; the applicant is interested in the goals and strategies of the GLSI; there is capacity and commitment by the applicant and its partners to provide sustained leadership for place-based stewardship.

In that case, applicants are invited to contact the GLSI Coordinator, Mary Whitmore ( to discuss the prospect of joining the GLSI’s network of regional hubs and obtaining benefits of association other than a traditional GLSI grant award.