Our Grants

Since its inception in 2007, the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (GLSI) has awarded four types of grants:

  • Capacity-building grants, which help develop readiness within a region or otherwise advance the goals of the GLSI
  • Planning and implementation grants, which support collaborative, locally driven efforts to design, establish, and operate a regional hub
  • Base funding grants (previously called continuation grants), which support the ongoing work of an established hub (these grants are contingent upon a hub making adequate progress and acquiring matching funds)
  • Incentive grants, which help a hub, working alone or in cooperation with other GLSI hubs, to develop the quality or sustainability of its work through new and innovative strategies

Only base funding and incentive grants are still awarded, and only to established GLSI hubs. 

Thanks to the support and leadership of the Great Lakes Fishery Trust (GLFT), as well as the generous contributions of other funders, nine regional GLSI hubs are now in operation and working with partners to advance place-based stewardship education in Michigan’s schools and communities.