Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative


Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan
111 Water St., P.O. Box 495
Alpena, MI 49707
Ph. 989-980-4032


Brandon Schroeder


The Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (NEMIGLSI) is a vibrant regional network of school-community partners actively engaged in place-based stewardship education. This hub serves schools and communities in a rural, seven-county area of northeastern Lower Michigan.

The NEMIGLSI’s core strategies include: 

  • Sustained professional development for teachers and partners, focused on both the content knowledge and process skills of students
  • Powerful partnerships among the hub, its participating schools, and community organizations
  • Focused efforts to support and empower all participants as valuable contributors and leaders
  • Retaining, expanding, and sustaining the place-based stewardship work of participating school-community teams

The hub uses its small grants program as a way to reward efforts to embed place-based education in the local curriculum, and to encourage the documentation and sharing of participants’ best practices and instructional resources.

The NEMIGLSI has a relatively large and diverse cadre of partners, including federal agencies. By developing grant proposals that include funding earmarked for the NEMIGLSI’s work, these partners help sustain both the hub and the community-based stewardship efforts of school-community teams.