Discovering PLACE


University of Michigan-Flint
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Flint, MI  48502-1950
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Leyla Sanker


From the planning phase through its first two years of implementation, Discovering PLACE worked within Genesee County, specifically in the northern and northwestern sections of Flint. In 2013, the hub established a partnership with Flint Community Schools and began to work across the entire city. More recently, the hub has expanded its efforts to include schools in other districts.

The local partners and stakeholders who first helped define and design Discovering PLACE identified two overarching themes to characterize its work. The first theme recognizes the interconnectedness of community, land, and water, and that we are connected to each other and influence how our land is used. That, in turn, influences the health of our waterways, which connect us to our neighbors and the wider world. The second theme recognizes that community, land, and water can be recovered and transformed, and that we, as engaged citizens, have an obligation to exercise our civic duties and reclaim our city.

While acknowledging and respecting the historical uses of the land, this hub is working with others to develop a new narrative for Flint—one that is centered on the concepts of regeneration, transformation, and sustainability. The hub’s work, and the tangible support it provides to schools and community partners, integrates ecological, cultural, and civic concepts. Many of the hub-supported stewardship efforts also reflect this integrated approach.