Regional Hubs

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (GLSI) accomplishes its goals and enacts its three key strategies (place-based education, sustained professional development, and school-community partnerships) primarily through the work of its nine regional hubs, which are funded, in part, by a series of two-year base funding grants from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust. The hubs solicit and receive additional support from other sources, including foundations, federal and state agencies, and local partners.

These hubs (and their fiscal agents) are:

The hubs—each of which is led by experienced, qualified staff—provide leadership, expertise, and support for K–12 teachers, as well as material and financial resources for the collaborative work of students and community organizations.

The GLSI hubs work with one another and with organizations in and outside Michigan to improve their services to schools and communities, share expertise and resources about their work with others, and strengthen leadership for environmental education and stewardship in the Great Lakes basin and beyond.